get started PolSARpro by sample data


I tried to use PolSARpro

let’s get started PolSARpro by using sample data

My computer environment is Linux Lite 32bit

in this article, using this sample(link is where I got samples)

ALOS: choose level 1.1(L1.1)

and files decompressed are in a directory as you like

I make directory, which name is “sampledata_polsar”, under PolSARpro application folder

like below

next, try to make images

so open PolSARpro application


  1. set Environment
  • Data Processing Level 1.1 -> Dual - Pol -> JAXA - CEOS Format

  • click Environment

  • open “Main Input Directory” and choose PolSARpro directory(not psr_plr11 directory)
  • click Save & Exit
  • you can see “NO DATA FILES FOUND ~…” window, choose NO

  • click Import
  • open SAR Leader File, so choose LED-… file under psr_plr11 directory
  • click Check Files -> OK
  • click Read Header
  • click OK -> OK

  • click Import -> Extract -> Full Resolution
  • choose OutPut directory, I selected under psr_plr11 directory
  • click Run

and after waiting minutes, extracted an image of ALOS

in this way, the size is very little(about 3%), so you can expanding

For ALOS, that’s all.